ELL Assessment for Linguistic Differences vs. Learning Disabilities
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The Power of linguistically and culturally responsive classroom assessement


About us

Professor Maria de Lourdes Serpa, Ed.DThis website is the outcome of the Language Minority Assessment Project, a Lesley University Center for Special Education action research initiative developed in collaboration with teachers from the Lowell Public Schools in Massachusetts and funded by the United States Department of Education, Washington D.C. It provides educational assessors with a framework and a process to explore the difference between diverse linguistic/cultural influences and learning (dis)abilities/ differences for English language learners from the following languages and countries of origin: Kingdom of Cambodia - Khmer; Brazil and Portugal (including the Azores and Madeira) - Portuguese; and Puerto Rico - Spanish.

Project Director and Principal Investigator
Professor Maria de Lourdes B. Serpa, Ed.D.

TEACHER FELLOWS, Lowell Public Schools, MA

Margarida Goes, M.EdKhmer

  • Geraldine Gillette, M.Ed.
  • Karen Kelleher, M.Ed.
  • Erin Lally MS, Ed; CCC-SLP
  • Karen Scruggs, M.Ed.


  • Margarida Goes, M.Ed.
  • Julie Johnston, M.Ed.
  • Lori McCarthy, MSCCC.
  • Afrodite Papathanasiou, M.Ed.
  • Carol Webb, M.Ed.


  • Yolanda Cardona, MSCCC.
  • Marilyn Jonas, MSCCC.
  • Carol Sornberger, M.Ed.
  • Altagracia Soto, M.Ed, Ed.D.


  • Yvonne Domings, Executive Editor
  • Anhar Mulla, Editor& Researcher Altagracia Soto, M.Ed, Ed D.
  • Ana Nuncio,Spanish Editor

Academic Reviewers

  • Patricia Medeiros Landurand, Ed.D.
  • Solange Lira, Ph.D.
  • Silvana Watson, Ph.D.
  • Vera Amaral, M.Ed.
  • Paula Lima, M.Ed.
  • Cristina M. Roof, M.Ed.
  • Graça Borges Castanho, Ph.D.
  • Christine Fernandes, M.Ed.
  • Carolina Baptista, Ph.D.
  • Mercedes Orozco, CAGS
  • Margaret Adams, Ed.D.


Lesley University
School of Education - University Hall
Natasha Bochkov, MCS, Web Designer 29 Everett Street, Cambridge, MA 02138


  • Dr. Mary Beth Curtis, Director of the Center for Special Education at Lesley University and co-author of this project.
  • Dr. William Dandridge, Dean of the School of Education at Lesley University
  • Dr. Janice Adie, Director of Special Education at the Lowell Public Schools, MA
  • Dr. Laura Hartley, Grants Officer at Lesley University


Natasha Bochkov


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